Rotor for W&H Synea TA-98

Replacement Turbine / Rotor / Cartridge or Sub-assembly compatible with W&H high speed handpiece turbines. Show technical details

Preferred Over OEM
04396600, 04386000
Fits On
TA-98, TA-98 L, TA-98 LM, TA-98 M, TA-98 C, TA-98 LC, TA-98 LCM, TA-98 CM

Premium quality turbines / rotors / cartridges feature:

  • A Push Button chuck mechanism with 22-25N opening force
  • A Chuck able to withstand 40-50N of bur pull force
  • A Guiding Bushing made of hardened steel (60 HRC) and separated from the chuck - this technique catches the bur strongly and holds it firmly which allows the bur to spin accurately
  • Turbines are statically and dynamically balanced in order to reach the highest precision standards
  • A laser welded shaft assembly with 52 HRC hardness
  • Ceramic ball bearings, with radial or angular contact from original equipment manufacturer myonic
  • Includes o-rings, washers, springs, and other hardware as applicable when purchasing a complete turbine
  • Easy read serial number for identification and warranty tracking
  • Turbines are manufactured to meet ISO handpiece standard
  • Autoclavable to 135 C (275 F)
12-month guarantee on a chuck system when purchasing a complete turbine