In 1996, V&KL started the business relationship with Tehnodent, a manufacturer of after-market dental cartridges. V&KL is Tehnodent’s distributor for the Western European market.

Because of high requirements of precision work and quality of material in the production of dental cartridges, the manufacture in Tehnodent is conducted under strict control. This has helped Tehnodent to acquire the TUV certificate, which gives guarantee to their quality products.

Up to 2008, V&KL assembled rotors with NHBB miniature ball bearings. In February 2008, it started to distribute Barden (UK) bearings as well. Soon after, Myonic (Germany), who produced bearings only for Kavo OEM products for many years, released their ball bearings in the free market. In 2010, V&KL started to distribute Myonic bearings. Today V&KL assembles Tehnodent rotors with Myonic bearings.

Tanja Kranjac

Poli Bohlin
sales manager

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Simon Stušek
technical department

Luka Parma
technical department